Bug report: image in table display bug

Dear Knimers,

I would like to report a possible bug in the way images are displayed in a table. It seems that if the first row of an image column contains an empty cell, images in subsequent rows are not displayed properly.

Example: when the first row is a normal image it works as intended:

…but when the first row has an empty cell, the image in the second row is shown as a tiny thumbnail:

I have attached a workflow that reproduces the bug. I am working in Knime 3.7.1 in Xubuntu 18.04.


KNIME_project123.zip (66.8 KB)

Dear @Aswin,

I would not necessarily declare this behavior as a bug, as the image is still in place, but just minimized. You can increase the size of a row or column by dragging it’s boundaries. Holding Shift while doing so will adjust size for all rows and columns. By increasing the boundaries you will see that the image is still in place.

Does that solve the problem for you?



Dear Marten, thanks for your replay. Not sure if I am doing something wrong, but by dragging the boundary I can only make the column/cell wider, not taller. The image stays the size of a tiny thumbnail. Is this perhaps a Linux-only problem? Also, sorting the column by clicking the column header has no effect.

The image does, however, reappear when I sort the table by using a follow-up node and move the empty cell from the top row to elsewhere, I also show this is my example workflow.
Best, Aswin


okay, now drag the height of the row a little taller and you will see the image increasing.


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I cannot drag the height.

Edit: apologies, I just noticed that I can only drag the height at the row index part of the table, not anywhere else… which is also true for the columns width, but my brain did not make the connection. Indeed the image scales with the row height as you said, even multiple images by using the shift key. Thanks!


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