Bug Report Knime 3.3.1 - Reconfigure Metanode Wizard - Add Ports not possible anymore

Hi everyone,

I just updated from Knime 3.2.1. to Knime 3.3.1 and I love the curves :)

However, I just noticed that I am unable to reconfigure metanodes in terms of adding  "In Ports" or "Out Ports" anymore. Removing still worls. The Knime Log does not show anything. Nothing happens when I click on "Add..." in the "Reconfigure Metanode Wizard".

Anyone does have the same problem or a solution? Restarting Knime did not solve anything. Creating a new workflow neither.

Thanks and kind regards

My 3.3.1 did not have the same problem as yours. Still able to add metanode ports. Don't know why it won't work with yours.

I tried downloading 3.3.0 and upgrading from there via the menu to 3.3.1 and it is finally working. Strange.