Bug Report: Node "Association Rule Learner (Borgelt)"

Dear KNIME-Team,

when I apply the node to a dataset with many transactions and a few items some values in the "RuleLift%"-column are negative while the values in the "RuleLift"-column are plausible (see attached jpg).

Best regards

Knime Version 3.1.1
Windows 7, no further details accessible due to shrinked user priviliges


Hello Martin,

thanks for reporting that issue. We tryed to reproduce it but failed. Can you give us some more information about the data or a subset of the data to reproduce the problem.


Hello Tobias,

sorry for the delayed reply, I am quite busy at the moment.

Unfortunately I could not provide access to the original data since these belong to my company. Nevertheless, in the meantime I figured out some circumstances when this behaviour occurs:

1) A large fraction of the transactions is identical.

2) The total number of trancsactions exceeds 300.000. Things becomes worse if the number of transactions is increased.

Maybe you can simulate a transaction database using these information to reproduce the error. If I figure out further details I will let you know.

Best regards

Hello Martin,

sorry for the long delay. Thanks to the information you provided we could reproduce the problem. It seems the problem is fixed in a newer version of the association rule algorithm which we will include in KNIME after evaluation.

Thanks for


Hi Martin,

we have updated the apriori binary (version 6.22) and this fixes the problem. The fix will be distributed as part of KNIME version 3.2.2.


What is the likely deliver time for 3.2.2 Are we talking weeks, months, some significant portion of a year?

Thanks for any insight you can share.  I understand it you can not.

Non-official response: Weeks to a few months at most, as 3.3.0 will be released on 06-Dec-2016 (the one fixed annual release date, because tradition). :-)