Bug Report: PMML Predictor

I think the PMML Predictor-Node doesn't conform to the DMG PMML 4.2 specification(http://dmg.org/pmml/pmml-v4-2-1.html) anymore:

It requires Node IDs for Decision Tree Models even though these have been optional since PMML 3.0.

When I tried the Node on a .pmml file generated with spark-jpmml (https://github.com/jpmml/jpmml-sparkml), I got the following error: 

ERROR PMML Predictor       2:2        Execute failed: Only numeric node ids are supported in KNIME. Found "null".

When I modified spark-jpmml to give each node an id it was working.

I think it would be worthwhile to correct this bug.


you are right, the PMML standard allows everything as node id. I will open an issue in our bug tracker.

Thanks for reporting this!

Regards, Alexander