bug report ?

Hi all,

We encountered at many occasion with any python nodes the following events :

impossible to use Enter to add a new line or to be able to use arrows (left, right, down, up). The only solution we found was to copy our code - remove the node - create a new one and paste the code.

We work on Knime 3.2.1, windows 7 - 64 bit. The behaviour was tested on 3 diffrent machines.

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Hi all, it did it again in 3.3 version.

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how solve it? I have the same problem :(

Did you try to update to KNIME Analytics Platform 3.3? 

I have KNIME Analytics Platform 3.3.0, but I don´nt understand what happen

I will try to update to Knime 3.3.1 to check this bug

Hi all,

This bug disappeared in the 3.4 versions but is back on the 3.5.

tested on Windows 10 64 bit.

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