Bug with Column Renamer node

Hello everybody,
I recently experienced a strange issue with the Column Replacer node in KNIME 5.2.
I imported a workflow which had some deprecated Column Renames node that I manually replaced with the new Column Replacer nodes. The issue is that, even if I select more than one column to rename, the Column Replacer seems to be able to handle just the first column in the list. In fact, after executing the node its settings present just the first column I want to rename, and doesn’t show all the other columns that I previously added. Moreover, when I reload the workflow the Column Replacer nodes lose all the change in the settings that I’ve previously done, even though the workflow was correctly saved.
I think this is just some kind of bug, but I wanted to check if anybody else encounter this issue before.

Hi @gianlucav128 , I haven’t experienced that, but I too have experienced very strange behaviour with this new node. (The Column Renamer - which you mention in the title, although in the text I think you inadvertently call it “Column Replacer”) especially when using flow variables to the point that on one occasion I had to delete it and start again. However, I’ve yet to be able to replicate the problem so haven’t reported it.

I tried recording a video of my actions in order to report it, but of course it then worked ok! I thought I’d add to your comment though just to confirm that there is “something” that feels not quite right about it which I think needs further investigation.