bug: x-axis in conditional box plots displayed reverse in Firefox

I use a very simple attached workflow served by KNIME server with values for the x-axis like ‘2021-01’ and ‘2021-12’: the sorting is reverse (descending) in the conditional box plot in Firefox that I consider wrong. It is ascending in KNIMEs integrated Chrome browser and Edge (based on Chromium).
I have added screenshots to this post.

I have not tested other (JavaScript) Plots, maybe the bug occurs in other places.



bug1.knwf (13.1 KB)

Hi @spider,

this is presumably due to a different implementation of the javascript-sort function in chrome vs firefox :woman_shrugging: The view should be displayed the same, though, and I opened up a ticket for that (internal reference: AP-17509).

Thanks for reporting, that’s very much appreciated!
Best, Lukas