[BUG] XLS Reader with flow variable for location requires location to be filled in the XLS Reader Settings

When one wants to control the location of the XLS Reader via a flow variable, the configuration tab "XLS Reader Settings" still requires a file to be indicated (even if it is replaced by a flow variable) when one wants to validate the configuration via "OK" or "Apply". This should not be the case because the flow variable (set in the XLS_Location parameter in the "Flow variables" tab) indeed replaces the individual setting after execution.

To wrap it up: the functionality of the flow variable is working but a "dummy" file has to be indicated in the XLS Reader tab.

This is the case for all file locations in all nodes and unfortunately not easy to resolve. You have to live with it for the time being.

I see, so at least it is a known fact. That’s all I wanted to schéngt with this post :slight_smile:

Request: can you add a note about this to the node's documentation?  It will save users time!

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