Build rules from rows in a table

I use the Rule-based Row Filter to select rows from the following table:

I to filter rows where taxid_source matches one of a list of values:

$taxid_source$  = "9606" => TRUE
$taxid_source$ = "10090" => TRUE`

This works well but the filter values are hardcoded.

I have the filter values in a table. What would be the best way to create dynamic rules when the number of filter values is unknown?

Hi @mpreusse

Since your goal is just to check whether the “taxid_source” is equal to a list of possible values, you could use a -Reference Row Filter as follow:

where the 2nd table contains all the “taxid_source” values you need to filter in.

Hope this helps.




Thanks @aworker, that works and is even faster than the Rule-based filter.


@mpreusse thanks for your feedback and for validating the solution. Glad to read that it works for you and it is even faster :smiley: !



If you join a second table using an inner join it should work too I suppose

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