Bulk load of excel sheet with empty worksheet

I’ve searched the forum for information, but I haven’t been able to .
I am talking about bulk upload of excel files with multiple worksheet .
The worksheet have identical structure .
I have created a workflow for this which works and gives results.
Unfortunately I found that if the worksheet is empty it will upload the previous records into the result. It repeats this until it encounters rows that have a non-zero value and loads those .
In the result there are duplicates loaded , and it is necessary to remove the duplicates, I stop trusting the result. There may be several hundred of these files.
The requirement is if the worksheet is empty it should not upload it, I did not assume that if it does not contain any information it will take over the ones from the previous one which is.
I want to upload all files into one table and check for real duplicates.
UR_YB_ACCforum_20220429.xlsx (14.1 KB)
UR_YB_ACCforum_20220430.xlsx (14.0 KB)

workflow .

@MarekV if you take a look at this example with your files the empty entry is being skipped.

You can configure what the reader would consider as a missing entry and skip it if you want.

If you still have duplicates you can further elevate them with the Duplicate Row Filter or advanced techniques.

kn_forum_43934_excel_bulk_import.knwf (51.2 KB)


thank you very much for solution.
I am not very familiar with handling of variables .
But I saw your solution and I repaired base on your knmf.
I add picture where should be change in excele read to properly work .

1.in setting
2.should be set sheet with name
3.in variables tab
4.has to be set sheet name and this is connected with point 2

Then workflow started working properly
Thank you

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