Cache input data structure in node for configuration ?


Just wondering if there’s a way to cache the structure of input data in a node, so that if we reset the previous nodes we could still configure it or alter its configuration ?

Running a full workflow just to modify a single parameter somewhere is not a handy way of dealing with data, especially when the datasets are heavy. Now of course I can use a table creator to temporarily fake an input, but on lengthy workflows I don’t always remember the output structure of the previous node

Hello @mpranchere,

I see you point. There are couple of ways/comments that come to my mind that can address this:

  • use flow variables to control configuration of nodes you change frequently
  • have some small dummy data at beginning of workflow whose processing won’t take much time
  • in fact some nodes already can be configured when previous node is in state reset as table specification is forwared

Hope this helps!


maybe writing a sample to disc and use this as the input for the node/s you want to change. Beside this Ivans Solutions are probably the ones to go with right now

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