Calculate ADC from diffusion MRI images.

How to obtain pixel wise data from a 3d image set( stored in .nii format) and perform a mathematical function on the pixel data-
for example - calculate
S(B)= S(0). EXP(-BADC)
Where b and 0 are the pixel wise data from the two image sets obtained.

link of the problem solved in Matlab is as follows

I’m from a non coding background - hence my preference for KNIME


can you please correct the link? it’s not working currently.


This is a poster which described who to calculate ADC maps from images in MATLAB

Hi @AdarshGhost,

I currently don’t have a NIFTI file at hand to give this a real try. Since KNIME Image Processing internally also uses Bio-Formats to open images, you should be able to drag and drop a *.nii file into a new workflow: This should create an Image Reader node (if you have KNIME Image Processing installed: If this is not the case, place an Image Reader manually and point it to the *.nii file manually. Once you execute the node, it will read the whole stack into a three dimensional image.

In order to do pixel-wise computations, you can use an Image Calculator node.

Let us know if this doesn’t work for you and feel free to follow up with additional questions!