Calculate P6M based on a fixed date


I’m new to knime and i’ve been struggling on this problem for a while now.
I have a table with different columns, including a date column and I’m trying to get only the P6M and P12M data, based on a maximum date which I’ve already calculate.

Thanks guys, I appreciate any help!!

Hi @AdrianaL,

I am not sure if understand you correctly. What do you mean with getting “P6M” and “P12M”? I guess these are periods of 6 and 12 months and you want to add those to the date column you have. The resulting date should, however, not be greater than the max date. Is this correct?

If so, you can use the Date&Time Shift node to add the periods and (I think) a Rule Engine node to check if the date is bigger than the max date.


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