Calculate True Range in Knime

Good day everyone…

I’ve been struggling to calculate the True Range for a price data set which I’m going to use to calculate the average true range and for some other calculations.

I tried using ChatGPT to give me a starting point for this but I’m still not getting any result.

$${TR}$$ = MAX($${High}$$ - $${Low}$$, ABS($${High}$$ - $${PREV_Close}$$), ABS($${Low}$$ - $${PREV_Close}$$))

Chat GPT gave me this.

The Google Sheet formula I’m trying to replicate is this:

=AVERAGE(QUERY(C2:C6,“select max(Col1) - min(Col1) label max(Col1) - min(Col1)‘’”))

But I don’t need the Average part just yet.

What would be the most efficient and simplest way to do this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

The Math formula node in KNIME should be able to calculate that.

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I’ll have a look at it, thank you

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