Calculating the lenght of rising bubbles slices

I want to calculate the lenght of bubble slices.
I have about 15 to 25 pictures of a rising bubble. Each bubble should be sliced horizontally. I tried using a slice loop with a projector. My problem right now is, that for the slices which not contain the bubble, I get empty tables as result. Are there any tips or workarounds that could lead to a solution?

This is the workflow I’m using: Bubble Slices.knwf (49.0 KB)

And some example pictures:

If you need more pictures or information please let me know.
I would be happy, if anyone could help me!

Kind regards,

Hi Jona,

If you replace the Slice Loop End node (678) with the basic Loop End node you can handle missing values correctly. The Slice Loop End node tries to reassemble the picture sliced by the Slice Loop Start, but you do not seem to need that anyway so it is not needed.
Feel free to ask more questions and I hope you have a lot of sucess with your project.



Hello gab1one,

thanks for the fast answer. With your tip everything is working fine now. Thanks!


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