% calculation from a table pivoted or groupedby

Hello there,

New to Knime, I find this tool very great. But, something is annoying me at the time because I can’t succeed in doing what I’d like.

What I’d like is:
I have a tab like this one:

And I would like to have the figures in % by lines and by columns so two differents transformations:


Impossible to perform it. Even not the start of an idea how to do this simply.
I mean I tried to pivot in Knime so I obtain something like the first pic but without the totals, and then I tried to add a column expressions and calculate things in Javascript.
The problem is that I would need the column total to perform such calculations, or at least I miss how to call the dataframe object to perform calculation like a for loop in this object or something.

I don’t know, please tell me how you guys would you proceed?

Thanks for helping me.

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Hello @Dloreh,

and welcome to KNIME Community!

Although not sure how your data looks like in KNIME I would go with couple of Math Formula nodes for start. Here is example:
2021_09_09_PercentageCalculations.knwf (47.3 KB)

Note: To see column as percentage right click on it from Table View and choose Percentage from Available Renderers.




Welcome to the world of KNIME.

If understand your challenge right, it is simple math and you don’t need to pivot any table.

Input (Table 1) → Table 2:
Here you need just to calculate the percentage of both H and F to the total géneral per line.
The Column Expression node Column Expressions — NodePit might be a solution for that.
The output will be a (new) column per formula.

Input → Table 3
Also here I do not see the pivot but again simple math.
The difference is now that the column sum is the basis for 100%
For that purpose you could for example make use of the column aggregator node Column Aggregator — NodePit



Thank you very much :+1:
Both are great solutions.

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