Calculation using value of previous row

Hi everyone, I’m new to Knime and I’ve been trying to achieve this in different ways, but nothing seems to give me what I want. Basically, I have this table and I want to replicate the excel formula in knime. The formula for the “iter_p” of first row is easy, but the next rows have a formula that uses the result calculated on the previous row. Any idea of how could I replicate this?

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thanks, but how do I do it if I have to use a value of the same column previous row?, for example I do a calculation in G4 then in G5 I need the value of G4, but to get G4 I needed first to have the result of G3 (for which I need the value of G2 first). I think I can’t do that with Lag Column

Try to do it in a steps.

  1. F3*B3/E3
  2. Lag column
  3. G3+G2*E2/E3 Take in account the part after + will be on the same line as F3 but with the new name.
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