Call a PL/SQL-Function out of KNIME

Hello community,

i am new to KNIME and i wonder if there is a possibilty to use PL/SQL functions in KNIME or do they ever have to be querable like this :

select fct(x) from dual;

If anybody knows a node that is capable of doing a pl/sql-call then i would appreciate your help.


KNIME comes along with a generic set of database nodes allowing to query most of the JDBC-compliant databases. Within the KNIME Preferences you need to register the Oracle driver first. You can either start with the Database Reader or Database Connector and enter the db specific settings. In the field "SQL Statement" you can enter multiline and block statements that need to be separated by a semi-colon. Please note that the last line of the script need to return a ResultSet. Hope it helps to get startet.

Hi Gabriel,

thank you for your reply to the topic but it does not answer my question. I will give an example of what i am trying do to.

I would like to execute a snippet of code that would be executed in SQL Developer or TOAD like this:


This function returns OK or FAIL. Can you tell me how i could execute this PL/SQL block prior to execute a SQL statement in KNIME ?

I think it is not possible to execute this block with the Database Connector Node by typing it into the SQL Statement field.

Thanks in advance

I understand your point. Please note that we don't do any interpretation of the SQL script or syntax; each block or line ended with a semi-colon will be spitted into separate statements. That means you either need to remove the semi-colon from the second line or put the 'end;' at the end of this line.