Call a specific workflow in a workflow

Hi Knime Community,

As always thanks to this community for helping people (me :sweat_smile:). I have this workflow that has a set of multiple workflow on it based on diff. reports

and I am thinking of calling them from another workflow using the Call workflow node so that the other user will only just access this worKflow instead of the first one and the call workflow node should be like this:

My problem was how can i connect it based on that specific workflow? because the call workflow service node will call all the workflows on it.

Edit: I am thinking of using table creator to get like an reference name to call then filter then connect it to call workflow (table based) but im not sure to input in the table creator

I already did it (i think :sweat_smile:) it works but not sure if there is more efficient way… based on what I found here, what I did was to insert/attached the container input table node to my raw data (named as table-input) and connect it by a variable so that data will pick up from the container node:

From the output, before the excel writer node, I connected a container output table node (named as table-output) on it to pick up from the container input earlier so that it will read from the 2nd workflow which is the call workflow node

2nd workflow:


Great to hear you solved it!

Thanks for sharing the solution here,


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