Call for Participation: Open Source in Data Mining workshop

We are pleased to announce a preliminary program for upcoming Open
Source in Data Mining workshop (OSDM09), to be held at the
Pacific-Asia Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining
(PAKDD’09) in Bangkok in April 2009.

OSDM’09 Web site:

Early registration discount is available until the end of February
using the PAKDD online registration system at:


  1. An invited keynote presentation by Dr Mark Hall, Pentaho, New
    Zealand, one of the original core developers of the Weka open
    source data mining tool.

    Title: The WEKA open source data mining system

  2. A session with peer-reviewed papers:

    • OpenSubspace: An Open Source Framework for Evaluation and
      Exploration of Subspace Clustering Algorithms in WEKA
      Emmanuel Mueller, Ira Assent, Stephan Guennemann, Timm Jansen,
      Thomas Seidl.

    • The open source library iZi for pattern mining problems
      Frederic Flouvat, Fabien De Marchi, Jean-Marc Petit.

    • The Konstanz Information Miner 2.0
      Thorsten Meinl, Nicolas Cebron, Thomas Gabriel, Kilian Thiel,
      Bernd Wiswedel, Michael Berthold, Fabian Dill, Peter Ohl, Tobias

    • Cougar2: An Open Source Machine Learning and Data Mining
      Development Platform
      Abraham Bagherjeiran, Oner Celepcikay, Rachsuda Jiamthapthaksin,
      Chunsheng Chen, Vadeerat Rinsurongkawong, Seungchan Lee, Justin
      Thomas, Christoph Eick.

  3. A demonstration session of open source data mining tools
    The following tools we be demonstrated (30 minutes each):

    • Weka
    • Rattle
    • KNIME
  4. A panel discussion of open source developers.

    Topic will be one (or both) of:

    • Why open source for data mining research and education?
    • Why publish your data mining tool as open source software?

    Participants (to be confirmed and extended):

    • Dr Mark Hall, Pentaho, New Zealand (Weka developer)
    • Dr Graham Williams, Togaware, Australia (Rattle developer)
    • Dr Nicolas Cebron, University of Konstanz, Germany (KNIME

Please advertise OSDM’09 widely in your area and
to relevant mailing lists.

We hope you are able to join us at OSDM/PAKDD.

OSDM organisers,
Graham Williams and
Peter Christen