Call Local Workflow (Row Based)

Is there a reason the node
‘Call Local Workflow (Row Based)’ is called ‘Local’.
Does the name imply that the workflow will only execute if it is run on a desktop?
Will it not run on the server?

I made my workflow logic using ‘Call Local Workflow (Row Based)’
Then I loaded it on to the server
Now I find that I am not able to invoke the my called workflow.

Is there something I could be missing here?
Where if I am designing my workflow on the desktop, I got the called workflow as an option in the drop down, the same thing on server comes with some strange numbers in the path!

I will start looking for the answer, any suggestions in the meanwhile will help.

On the server the invocation of a workflow is done via REST, so call local workflow is expected to fail as it does not allow you any authentication against the server. The strange numbers in the path of the error might be the URL encoded path to the workflow in your server repository?

If you plan to use call workflow functionality on the server, you should go for a call workflow node that allows authentication against a server.