call local workflow

I created a small workflow to copy a file (resetVariableFile). This workflow I want to use twice wile executing another workflow (parseTest). Therefore I am using the "call local workflow" node. When I execute the parseTest workflow it shows that the resetVariableFile workflow has been executed but the file wasn't actually copied. When I open the resetVariableFile workflow it's still in the executed status. If I now reset the resetVariableFile workflow and start my parseTest workflow it will work for the first call but not for the second.

Does anybody have any suggestions?

Hi WolfiG,

I just tried using your example, and the file was copied for me on the first try. I was also able to execute the parseTest workflow. Which version of KNIME are you using? Are there any errors when the second call doesn't work?



HI Rolland,

sorry for the late reply. It shoes the node has been executed but if you check the file it didn't change. There is no fault message. I'm using KNIME 3.4.1