Call Remote Workflow Node

At a loss on why I'm missing Call Remote Workflow node. I have Call Local, which I thought both of these were added in the same update (2.12)

I've tried installing ALL extensions, and updating KNIME to no success.

Colleagues of mine have the same version but have the node.

Any help would be appreciated. 


I believe it's a commercial node found somewhere on the KNIME store extensions...


Hi ddomn,

if you see the call local workflow node, it means the package is installed successfully.

However, we once had the problem that the call remote workflow node does not appear even so everything is perfectly installed.

You can try to start your knime with the clean argument (insert -clean into the knime.ini) if this does not work I would suggest to do a fresh installation...


By the way the Call Remote Workflow node is not part of the commercial extensions, however you need to have any of our servers to be able to use it. The Call Local Workflow node, is e.g. included in the KNIME Productivity Extensions. 

Best, Iris

is there any other work around besides doing a fresh install? I'd prefer not to do that and risk losing workflows.

Thanks for the clarification Iris!

Ddomn, don't worry about a reinstall -- these are smooth as silk in KNIME, no impact on the workspace whatsoever. If you'd rather be safe than sorry just copy the workspace to some backup location before moving forward.


Hi Dddomn,

you can also try to uninstall the extension and than install it again.

(uninstallation is done via Help -> Installation Details

And there uninstall the KNIME Personal Productivity Tools.

You can afterwards reinstall them from the store)

Best, Iris