Call same knime workflow with different flow variables from command line

HI , How to call same knime workflow with flow variables from command line.

Hi @amar.khavare,

you have to create a workflow variable and then use the parameter like so:

*However I am not 100% sure if this changed :thinking:
But maybe try it like explained above :slight_smile:
I think a few weeks in the past there was a question regarding a change here (but cannot find it :frowning:)

thanks @AnotherFraudUser … let me check this but i want run multiple instance of same workflow with different flowvariables

Hi @amar.khavare,

yes this should work for different flow variables.
Just have to handle which is filled in the workflow itself.
You just cannot run them in parallel (if you need that or what to have advanced options - then you should check out the knime server functionallities)

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