call workflow do not support date time format

Hello to all !

Please somebody give a hand here.

I have one workflow that manage a column with date time format. In the workflow i manage this column with string to date/time (legacy) or date extractor node. Like shown in Figure 2

I have another workflow, that i use to call the first one, like shown in Figure 1, but when i run it, it gave me the following error, like shown in Figure 3:

"ERROR Call Workflow (Table Based) 2:3202 Execute failed: Unsupported data type: “Date and Time”.

If i don’t use the column with the date/time format, all run correctly, so the problem is with this column with time/date format, and it is necessary for me to use that column with date/time format and the nodes like date extractor.

What can i do?
Please help!

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3

Hi @jodomofo

yes I can validate this. We only support the most common Data Types here.
The one which did not work for you is our legacy data and time format.

I will forward this to our development team to have this fixed.

As a workaround, please use the following converter node after the row sampling node:



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