Call Workflow Nodes (Row based) and (Table based)hobbled?

I have been trying to get a workflow to call a series of other workflows in order one after another (in sequence) based on their filename, much like this article here: Automated Execution of Multiple KNIME Workflows -
However, all of the Call Workflow Nodes are unable to have their Path set to a variable. The older deprecated Call Local Workflow does not work correctly.

So have these Nodes been deliberately hobbled? Is there a way to set the path variable that I am unaware of? Is there another way to iterate through Knime workflows, executing each one in sequence?

Note that the documentation states:
Workflow path
The path to the workflow you want to call. Use the “Browse…” button to select. The selected path can be set via a path flow variable or exported to a path flow variable.

But the Workflow path is UNABLE to be set via a flow variable.It is disabled for some reason.

As far as I know KNIME server (I guess KNIME business hub now) can create dependencies between workflows (sequential execution).

For those that come across this post, I believe the answer is in using the Create File/Folder Variables Node. It’s not super obvious how to make it work for the scenario I described, but I am at least able to pass path variables…

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