call workflow parsing error?

I’m running multiple workflows through the Call Workflow (table based) node. This worked well for multiple workflows. Now I have a workflow that outputs a table of png images. The called workflow executes properly but there is an output error from the the Call Workflow nodes

ERROR Call Workflow (Table Based) 0:3008:2972 Execute failed: Could not parse: “” to type: “PNG Image”

Is there a modification I need to apply to output a table of images?

The workflow that is called works very well on its own.


Hi there @azijlstra,

This is a bug so you can’t apply any modification in order to work. I reported it and will notify you here once it will be fixed.

As a workaround you can use Renderer to Image node to get SVG images (or even better work with SVGs from start if possible) which work fine with Call Workflow (Table Based) node.

Tnx for engaging!