Call Workflow Service - files vs folders

Is there a way for the Call Workflow Service to recognize Knime Workflow Folders in addition to knime workflow .knwf files? Ideally, I would not have to export the data before using the call workflow service to run previous workflows.

Hi @ynaveed1898 ,

Knime have options to call workflows and/or results from others workflows.

If you just call for execution, you can use the call workflow as service, table based or row based. It’ll work separated each other but sequencially. The containers options bring the results to input and output from your workflow, so it can help you where is necessary to use some information that you save before and request as you need.

I hope that it can help you.



Hi Denis,

I have been using the Knime Workflow Caller. My problem is with calling other knime workflows specifically, as they are saved as folders before exporting. For the workflow location “local file system” (which is what I need), it does not recognize these folders as knime workflows, and I was wondering if there was a way to get Knime to recognize these folders as knime files (.knwf) without having to export

Thank you for the reply and all your help.

Hi @ynaveed1898,

You can use relative position and mointpoint for it… it brings you a hand to set a “virtual” position, not a absolute one path. I use it a lot at my projects because ou can set g.e. the mointpoint as the root and the folders after without fear.

Try it and give us your results ok?



Hi @denisfi

I have it set up as such right now, but I also would want to ideally access files which are housed outside (before) the mountpoint. Was there a way to manually change the mountpoint to be outside the defined workspace, as that might also work.

Again thank you for your suggestions.


Justo FYI, knime offers other types to input data:




You can use custom/knime as an URL if you concern outside of your service as a path to the workflow. Did it help you?



Which node are you using for these graphics? I have shown my workflow caller UI here (ignore the file, I was just testing how the caller works). Currently using version 4.7.1

I used the call workflow service node but this node has limited options.

If you select current hub space, i could select with browser button any workflow inside the folder as the print above, and load normally.

As you can see, it makes a relative path to “Temp” where it’s looking my folders structure.

BUT, if you’ll load from files as example, the import process from these nodes bring others options as custom urls.

I haven’t all picture of your project, but try to direct almost results to a folder/path that can be read normally. If you use it locally, use the mointpoint to match the folder structure.



I apologize since I am still a little confused. Are you using the Knime Server or Local?

Also, on thread 5/8, you showed a screenshot of a node that had “Input location” section with options including “read from” , “Mode” , " and “File”. Which node has these options? I would like to try to use custom URL to get the data.

My project goal it to be able to run knime files that are outside the current workspace without having to export these files.
If you see above, all these are workflows, but they are showing up as folders when using Local File System setting.

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