Call Workflow (Table Based) does not appear to support Document type


When sending a table through the Call Workflow (Table Based) node, the Container Input (Table) in the called workflow throws an error “Unsupported data type: Text document”. In another forum post, @Iris confirmed that only the “most common Data Types” are supported here. Can I conclude from this that the native KNIME Document type is currently unsupported ?

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Hi @Geo

Yes, unfortunately the Container Input (Table) node does not support the text document data type (right now). What’s your use case? Maybe there’s a workaround. If that a critical issue for you, I’ll open a ticket for that.



Hi @Alice_Krebs

Thank you for the confirmation. I have asked this here because the documentation does not seem to specifically mention the supported or unsupported table data types.

My initial use case was to use the Integrated Deployment nodes. Then I stumbled over an issue, which also has its dedicated topic in this forum :slight_smile:. At some point, this lead me to consider the use of the Call Workflow (Table) node and that’s when I have noticed that the document data type does not appear to be supported. Given that my main issue concerns one of the ID nodes, the specific support of the Document data type by the CWTB node is not a critical issue for me.

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