call workflow to modify a specific column with a specific modification

Hi Forum,

I need your help reagardings workflow calls. It’s no problem for me to call workflows in a specific order and stuff like that. But I don’t understand how it’s work to use a workflow as a function.

Here an example what I mean:

The called workflow have to modify a specific column (name) with a specific modification.
To keep it easy only a replacing of a character from “i” to “y”.

Is this possible? And if yes, how?

Thanks in advance!



You need to set up 2 workflows.

Workflow 1:

Workflow 2:

Configure the Call Workflow node to point to Workflow 2, then execute Workflow 1, then configure the nodes in Workflow 2 and you’re all set for future executions.

Example is here.


Hi @elsamuel ,
thank you very much. Works!
Have a good monday!

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