Call workflows in a specific order


I need your help again.

I want to run workflows in a specific order.
It is important that the workflow must always be completed before the next one starts.
So I want to have a workflow that manages just that.
The workflows are on the KNIME server.

I know that probably the “Call Remote Workflow” node is probably correct to call the workflows.
And probably need to set this node in series per called workflow.
But how do I proceed before and after that series?


Thanks in advance and thanks!



Hello @AndreP,

probably it’s better to use Call Workflow (Table Based) node. This node does not require data input so don’t have to worry what’s before (if input is not needed; otherwise you can use dummy input e.g. Table Creator with one column and one row for Call Remote Workflow (Row Based) node you currently have) and what comes after it depends on what you want and what you send from called workflow using Container nodes. Node also has optional KNIME Server connection which might be useful :wink:



Hi @ipazin, Thank you!

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No data input? Thanks always thought I need to create a dummy table first for call workflow tbl based

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