calling worflow credentials from R Snippet


Is there a way to call workflow credentials from R snippet?

I have a R code in R snippet to call teradata .fastload and BTEQ command, which is used for loading millions of rows into teradata database*. Currently, the database credential is hard coded. Is there a way to call the workflow credentials within R?




*database writer is too slow for the operation. therefore, i opt for fastload and bteq instead.



Hi Palupi,

the credentials can not be accessed from any scripting nodes.

Best regards, Iris


did you try to increase the batch size in the Advanced tab of the Database Writer node? The default size is one which results in a lot of network roundtrips.

You might be also interested to know that Teradata is working on KNIME nodes for Teradata Aster. Maybe they also provide a dedicated Teradata Reader and Writer that utilize the Teradata specific methods you are mentioning.




I tried to increase the batch size but it is still pretty slow for my liking.

Thanks for the info on Teradata Aster. hopefully they will distribute it soon.