Can I reuse Meta Node?

Hi there,

I have five nodes (operations) that I am using in three different pipelines. Since the operations are identical, I have combined them into Meta Node, and cloned it to have three Meta-Nodes.

The problem is that if I have to change anything in one Meta Node, it does not update the other two Meta Nodes. Is there any way to configure Meta Nodes as Reusable Meta Nodes (or call it sub-workflow node), rather than independant clones. So that, if I change the meta node (i.e. sub-workflow), it automatically updates all of its instances.

Thanks in anticipation,



I think this is only possible if you buy the KNIME server:

It has the option to have a "shared metanode repository", I believe you can update all workflows containing a particular metanode using this feature.

Hi Sajid,

this is also possible with the KNIME Personal Productivity extension. This extension gives you a repository for checking in metanodes on your local machine.

However if you are working together with colleagues and you want to share workflows and meta nodes with them you might also want to have a look at our other Collaboration solutions such as the KNIME Team Space.