Can I skip error rows in the File Reader?

Hi, beginner question.

I have a file with an unknown number of rows, I think somewhere around 350,000. I’m getting an error because someone put in a number that I think is too large for what it was reading as an integer column.

Or is that some other kind of error?

Is there a way to skip the row? How can I edit that one cell that’s breaking it (although there may be more that break it down the line). I can’t open the file and edit it, the file is too big. If it’s a coding thing, I don’t know how to code.

Any thoughts?

Thank you,

Do you find some additional information in the log file? You could also try the new CSV Reader from labs, which allows you to specify a number of rows when scanning the table to create a spec.


@metaresolve Some other steps you could do: Check the row mentioned in the error (row 263762) in the original file to see whether the value for column 41 looks properly. If yes, please try to reduce the file to contain only the header row and row 263762 (maybe ± one addtional row). Is the node able to read the reduced file?

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for completeness:

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