Can KNIME ignore some SQL errors?


I'm looking at how my organisation can integrate KNIME and I'm wondering whether it's possible to process SQL scripts ignoring certain error types.

For example my SQL script contains 'DROP TABLE' statements so that I can overwrite previously created data. If these tables have already been dropped the script fails with a 'Table doesn't exist' error.

In my standard SQL scripting environment I can ignore these errors and so I'm wondering whether KNIME also has a means of doing this?

I've tried to work around this problem using some IF THEN logic in my SQL script but this doesn't appear to work in the KNIME world.

I'm using the "Database SQL Executor" node connected to a Kognitio connection.



Additional info:

I see KNIME has a Drop Table node which sort of solves my problem for tables although it would be nicer if this could be done within scripts rather than as a separate node.

But further to my original question, is there a way to drop views?


have a look at the try-catch nodes that are availble to handle exceptions in workflow branches. Have a look at this video for a demo of the nodes.

Regarding the Drop View, there is no dedicated node to do that. So you will need to use the Database SQL Executor node to do so.