Can Knime write to a SharePoint Online list?

I have been able to successfully connect to SharePoint Online and Power BI Cloud through the Microsoft Authentication node. Once connected, I can read and write to Excel files in SharePoint Online or Teams. I can also push data to Power Bi Cloud and read in SharePoint lists.

Is it possible to write to a SharePoint Online list with Knime other than by using the Rest Web Services nodes? I’m looking for an easier way to create and update lists through Knime once authenticated via the Microsoft Authentication node.

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Hi @benpope -

This is something the developers are actively working on. I can’t promise a timeline, but keep your fingers crossed for the summer release. :slight_smile:


Hello @benpope ,
good news. The development of the node has been completed and it will be released with the summer release.
You can already try it out in the nightly build of the KNIME Analytics Platform. Just download it and unzip it to a folder. Once KNIME is started, add the KNIME Office 365 Connector extension and you are ready to try out the SharePoint Online List Writer node.
Happy to hear your feedback.


Hey @benpope are you able to update the SP lists using KNIME?!

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