can not import workflow

You have basically two types of data:

  • folders and files that form a knime workspace and you can just point KNIME to that folder. If your files are still intact KNIME should just use them *1)
  • you can pack a single workflow or a group of workflows into a single file (it used to be .zip now it is *knar and *knwf). Here you have your compressed workflows *2)
  • with the import you can either import from such a file or you can point to a directory and import that *3)

KNIME consist of many single files, xmld, zips and so on *4). So it makes sense to keep them somewhere save and have a backup ready in the form of Dropbox ore Onedrive and export your work on a regular basis.

And you should make sure that your file system can handle special characters like Hashtag #. I have seen cases where eg Onedrive had serious limitations in that regard and was effectively destroying KNIME workflows.




*4) this is a single KNIME workflow how it looks on a file system

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