Can’t connect MySQL database

I just fired up a VM with MariaDB. I can connect to it with MySQL Workbench, but with Knime I get an error message:

ERROR MySQL Connector      0:23       Execute failed: Access denied for user 'remote'@'Richard.localdomain' (using password: YES)

Here’s what I’m doing in Knime

And here is what works in MySQL

Any ideas what I’m missing?

Cheers, Richard

Hi @RIchardC, are you running both MySQL workbench and KNIME from the same machine, and both from outside of the vm housing MariaDB?

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Yes to all questions. Thanks.

Hi @RIchardC , does the user remote have access to the rss db?

I’m not sure what you are missing, I have MariaDB running off a VM and I am able to connect to it from Knime. Never had any issues connecting to it.

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Hi @RIchardC , also, from MySQL workbench, once you are connected, can you run this:
select user();

And also run this:
select User, Host from mysql.user where User = 'remote';

The first query will show what your current user and host are, and the second query will show what users you have as ‘remote’ and for what hosts you have them.

Just want to see if you are actually connecting as 'remote'@'Richard.localdomain' when connecting via MySQL Workbench.


select user();

select User, Host from mysql.user where User = 'remote';

I’m not sure what to make of that. Thanks.

Actually, I think I’ll use SQLite. Thanks for your help

You might also take a look at the H2 database which also works with a single local file (how to get the latest H2 driver)

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Hi @RIchardC , MySQL (therefore MariaDB also) restrict users by IP/Host, so the commands I gave you were to verify if you were connecting from the same IP/Host from Knime and Workbench, which from the results you provided, seems to be the case, and regardless, the “remote” user is created with Host “%”, which is a wildcard, meaning this user can connect from any Host.

So, the user access to your MySQL system does not seem to be the problem.

While I understand that you are switching to another DB system, you should still try to figure out why this is not working in case you need to connect to MySQL in the future.

If you are still interested, the only thing that I can think of is the access to the database “rss” that could be an issue (In Knime you specify the db name “rss” while you do not connect to any specific db).

Connecting again via Workbench, can you run these commands?
use rss;
show tables;

And also this command to show the permissions of the user “remote”:
show grants for 'remote'@'%';

Thanks @bruno29a. I suspect I might have some kind of SSL problem. I’ll track that down and see if this helps.

Cheers, Richard

Hello @RIchardC,

maybe this topic helps:


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Great suggestion. I hadn’t heard of that.

@ipazin, Thanks for that. My linux install had a problem but this is useful information. Cheers.

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