Can t merge FlowVariable Stacks!

I have the following error: Can t merge FlowVariable Stacks!

I have to Iterate over data and iterate over DB tables.

My workflow looks like this.

Is there an easy solution, sadly I can not think of a workaround.

Hard to tell what the problem might be from just a screenshot.

I see that you have multiple loop starts and loop ends on the same branch. Perhaps you need to restructure your approach to looping?

Also, because of the multiple loop starts, is it possible that you have flow variables with identical names that can’t be combined into the same branch at your Parameterized DB Query Reader?


Hi @bzm9ba,

You have two loops that interweave, which can lead to these kind of errors. If you connect the DB Table Inserter via flow variable to the Chunk Loop Start node the order of the loops should be correct.

Also, what can help in these situations is to wrap loops into components, to filter the variables visible to the workflow segments.


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