can we delete the first row from the table?

I am using transpose to transpose my data from row-wise to the column but in the output, I need to delete the heading row(first row) and want to make the next row as the heading.

Use a row filter node

@elsamuel Row filter not worked because it is the title row

Some of the reader nodes have the option to skip lines of the input file. Maybe that is an option? Or you don’t read the header then remove the row and finally insert the column header using the insert column header node


Maybe you can take inspiration from this example that inserts new column heads:

Perhaps it would be useful to use the Extract Column Header Node before transposing.
Then you could use Insert Column Header node to re-insert the headers as needed.

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Hello there,

if I got it right values from first column should become column headers? After transposing table Row ID values become column headers so before transposing use RowID node to replace existing Row IDs with values from first column.


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