Can we do it joiner node or not..?

in the joiner node, 'it’s possible to get the result in particular cell.

Showing in the above sheet (A1 Key 101) it’s getting results in the (C3 expense)

Kindly help me with it

The node that most people use to emulate the VLOOKUP function in KNIME is the Cell Replacer, but sometimes the Joiner can work too. Take a look at some workflow examples posted on the KNIME Hub and see if one those will work for you.

The best way to learn these nodes (or almost any KNIME node) is to try them out! If you are still having trouble after that, come back to the forum and show us where you are stuck by uploading your workflow. That’s almost always better than a screenshot for getting help.

You may also want to download our free e-book, From Excel to KNIME:


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