Candidates for top KNIME Experts

Do you know a top KNIME expert? Then recommend them for KNIME COTM! COTMs: Introducing Top KNIME Experts | KNIME


I’m pinning this topic for a couple of weeks so that everybody has a chance to see it. We’re really excited about all of our Contributors of the Month and would love to hear ideas and nominations from the community too. :slight_smile:


Hi @ScottF …It’s really good to see this being promoted. Are the more recent (since mid 2021) COTMs listed anywhere? I’m sure I can think of some worthy people from the forum but I don’t know if they’ve already been awarded.


Hi @takbb -

We need to update our listings to be more current, don’t we? :sweat_smile: I’ll see what I can do.

In the meantime, a short list starting from mid 2021:

Month Name
August 2021 Tosin Adekanye
Sept 2021 Ignacio Perez
October 2021 Brian Bates
November 2021 Ashok Kumar Harnal
December 2021 Andrea De Mauro
Jan 2022 Malik Yousef
Feb 2022 Nicky Dee
March 2022 Paul Wisneskey
April 2022 Francisco Villarroel Ordenes
May 2022 Bruno Ng
June 2022 Christophe Molina

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