Cannot change working directory

Hello, everybody!

I hope that somebody may help me with the following issue.

I installed the latest version of Knime on my computer (with all extensions). I try to run my R script through R-snippet (as I understand R is installed automatically with Knime, but anyway I have it installed separately as well). But I constantly get the following error: "Execute failed: Error in R code: cannot change working directory".

All my efforts are useless, nothing helps to fix the problem. Moreover, a strange situation happens to the same project on my second computer - it works perfectly (I have R installed there as well and Knime with all extensions)! Also, I asked two of my friends to install Knime and run the same project. One of them says that the project works, the other says that he has the same error as I have. So, maybe something's wrong with the computer, but I cannot find out what.

In Preferences I have standard path to R (the same on my second computer where everything works perfectly):

C:\Program Files\KNIME\plugins\org.knime.ext.r3.bin.win32.x86_3.0.3.v201508240951\R-Inst

Thank you in advance for your help!


Maybe you have a hard-coded path in your R script which doesn't exist on every computer?

No, I have not. The same error appears when I run standart R example available for all users (from R integration directory).

I have the same problem.

This error rises even with empty R snippet. But when i use "eval" everything works fine.

I have this problem only on my home computer (at office there is no such error but project is the same).

Looks like knime run setwd() command berfore running the R snippet.

Please help!

Hello, everybody.

Please tell me if you descovered a solution of the problem with R snippet (Cannot change working directory).

I faced the same problem and couldn't find the solution.

Please help