cannot drop extension

I am trying to drop the Knime Office 365 Connectors extension to my workflow but it is not allowing me to. I receive the below message:

No suitable extension found
Could not find any extension that provide the missing nodes.

Hi @fnorqulo and welcome to the Knime Community.

If you cannot find any extension for this node, it could be that your Knime version is not compatible, that is the extension does not exist for your Knime version.

Can you tell us what is the version of your Knime?

And did you try to drag it from here?

I have version 4.1.4. I did drag it from above, but receive the same message.

Essentially, I am trying to list/input files from a SharePoint sit and Googling around for a bit helped me find this extension and the SharePoint Online Connector node as the proper nodes. If there are better nodes that better suit my needs, I’d be interested to find out.

Hi @fnorqulo , I think that extension might be for 4.3.x and higher.

It looks like the Microsoft Authenticator and the Sharepoint Connector were still Labs version in 4.2.x.

So, it could be that it is not supported on 4.1.x.

Do you know what other extension/node I can use to input SharePoint files then?

Hello @fnorqulo,

here you’ll find how you can access SharePoint data without SharePoint connector:

Welcome to KNIME Community!


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Hello @fnorqulo

Do you know what other extension/node I can use to input SharePoint files then?

If the use case is a desktop single user workflow: You can go to your SharePoint folder and select ‘Add Shortcut to One Drive’
Then, you can access with standard nodes (List Files/Folders, Excel Reader…) though your local file system.


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