Cannot find workflow

My project crashed and now when I reopen Knime I cannot find the workflow I was working on. Is there a way to search for a certain file type to find the workflow?

Hi Earl,

Did you manage to save your workflow before the project crashed? If you didn’t then unfortunately the workflow will be lost. If you did, then it should be in the workspace (usually located in your users directory under knime-workspace folder). KNIME workflows are not stored as files but as a set of directories with the node configuration XMLs in a separate folder for each node, so finding the workflow another way then via the KNIME Explorer is not really possible.

Hope this help!


Thanks for your reply. I was able to locate the workflow, it was in my Windows/Users folder.

However, some of the nodes don’t work. I get the following error message:

Errors during load due to missing nodes (Math Formula (Multi Column).

Do you want to search and install the required extensions?

When I hit yes, it loads in the Install window, but I cannot proceed to download the Math Node add-on.

Not sure if that was connected to the problem of me losing access to the workflow.

Anyway, at the moment I am trying to install the Math Formula Node manually, hopefully this will bring back my missing Nodes :smiley: