Cannot get Workflow Coach to work

I believe my preferences regarding workflow coach are correct, but cannot get this functionality to work. I suspect it may be something I'm doing incorrectly with respect to setting up a server. Can anyone provide a link to directions on the exact steps I should take. I'm using the free desktop version of Knime. Thank you.

Hi RobertJay,

You can set the configurations for the workflow coach in the preferences page of KNIME Analytics Platform. Please take a look the the screenshot in attachment.

Have already done that? If yes, are you getting any error? If yes, could you please share the error message here? Sometimes it happens that there are some firewalls/proxies that do not allow to retrieve the recommendation data. Could you please check that?



Thank you Vincenzo for responding. My preferences were in fact set to the way yours are (only I'm asking for weekly updates). My error log shown below for today shows a bunch of entries, but I'm not sure if they relate to my issue. 

Workflow Coach has never worked for me. I am behind a proxy but have configured KNIME for this and can use the examples server, Install New Software etc, successfully. I get a similar list of errors in the log each time I start KNIME but like you, I don't see anything obviously related to Workflow Coach there.

I also get a username/password dialog, with no information on what I'm being asked to log in to, each time I start KNIME, which I've asked about here with no resolution. I just cancel it every time...

Hi RoberJay and Tom,

Would it be possible for you two to share the log file? The file is available at the following path:


Thank you,



Sure, it's attached. Thank you very much.

Here's the last day's worth of my knime.log file...

Hi Tom,

You're proxy requires authentication, correct? Can you please double-check that you have configured them correctly in KNIME?

2017-10-13 15:47:14,870 : DEBUG : Worker-4 : WorkflowCoachView :  :  : Could not update node recommendations statistics.
org.apache.commons.httpclient.HttpException: Cannot access server node recommendation file: HTTP/1.1 407 Proxy Authentication Required


Hey Robert,

Thank you very much. Unfortunately I believe you've uploaded the log-file located in <workspace-location>/.metadata/
The log file we would need to investigate the problems you're having is located in <workspace-location>/.metadata/knime/ and is called knime.log.

Could you please look for this file and upload it as well?

Thank you in advance!

The correct log file is too large to be uploaded here. Can I have an  email address? By the way, is there a forum setting to receive email notifications when posts are made to threads to which I post?

Yes, to the best of my knowledge I have configured HTTP and HTTPS proxies correctly in Preferences>General>Network Connections. I can update KNIME using Help>Install New Software..., connect to the public examples server and see recent news in the 'News' panel on the welcome tab so I assume my config is OK?

Hi RoberJay,

Could you please extract only the section of the log file that shows error and share only that one?

At the moment there is no way to get notified for new posts, I am sorry.

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There are notifications now :+1:

As Vinecnzo said, could you just upload the portion of the log that shows the error (the entries around the time of the problem)?