Cannot invoke "org.knime.core.ui.node.workflow.WorkflowManagerUI.getID()" because "this.m_manager" is null

Hi, everyone

Can you please help me to solve the issue? This has happened when I have installed the extension for AF Utility Nodes. But I assume I mistakenly chose 4.7 although I was using 4.6.
I later updated from 4.6 into 4.7 but did not help me to fix the issue.
There are so many lines in details of the errors showing org.eclipse.e4.core, java.base, eclopse.equinox.launcher, etc.


Hi @ymorita,
It could be that the update messed up the Java classes KNIME loads. Probably the easiest solution would be to install a fresh 4.7. from our website. This should solve the issue for good and your workflows will be kept in your workflow repository, so they are safe and will not be overwritten.
Kind regards,

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Yes, that was. It was first time for me to face such a issue and I got mad. Then asked the community for help. At the end, I have uninstalled and reinstalled the newest version. It did not take time for me to update the existing extension in my use case. Thanks

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Glad it is solved! Next time ask before you get mad :wink:

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