Cannot merge post-loop tables for NGRAM comparison

I have created a bigram table which I then use to compare against how each document in a list of documents compares to that bigram table (using a joiner table on NGRAM). When I try to merge 2 different comparisons using a cross joiner it tells me that my loop isn't closed (invalid state on loop). I've attached a picture of how the loop is supposed to run but at the moment I never run the End Loop node as the loop takes forever, without the loop I can't get the NGRAM node to output the original document (which I then tie back to the original document input to get a list of the other fields using a joiner). Perhaps I'm making this more complicated than it should be?

Hi Symonsjo,

it is not really clear to me what exactly you want to achieve in the end. Could you please share the workflow?

Do you want to compare bag of words ngram tables or frequencies ngram tables? The NGram creator node should be applied on a list of documents not on a bow.

Cheers, Kilian

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