Cannot open statistics configuration view with big csv file

Hi All

I have a simple workflow consisting of a CSV Reader, a Row filters and Statistics node.
The csv file has 31 rows and 139631 columns. I then select some rows with the filter and the resulting table has 9 rows and 139631 columns.

I would like then to see the statistics on the column (mean, standard-deviation) and I use the Statistics node but when I double-click on this node the configuration window does not pop up and Knime does not respond any more event after 8 hours.

I have already tried to increase the amout of Ram memory allocated (up to 12 GB) and the 4 cores of the processor are not fully used (less than 50%) so this seems not to be a limitation of my computer.

Do you have any idea on how to get around this limitation? I have included the Knime workflow as attached file. Unfortunately, I cannot attach the csv file which is bigger (35MB) than the maximum allowed size.

Thank you for your help.

An idea: filter out the numeric columns before connecting the Statistics node to your wide table (I assume there will not many columns remain). Configure the Statistics node (use the include option for nominal values). Change the connection to use the wide table, add a note around the node to "NOT open the configuration" and execute it without opening the configuration. This will most probably solve your problem.

Cheers, gabor

Hi gabor

Thank you very much for your hints. It works like a charm. It took 1 hour to do the calculations but at least I am no more blocked with the configuration window not showing up.

Great support, thank you again !