Cannot save workflow

I cannot save my workspace after newly installing and uninstalling knime. ??? Removing the “/” makes no difference. I have a windows 64 bit machine and have read other similar posts but can not find a solution.
Thanks, Steve

I also want to note that I have 600 GB free on my HD

When I switched to an older workspace, the problem went away. I don’t know why the new workspace won’t work.

@Selster is it possible that your new workflow is on a OneDrive folder or something similar? Could you provide us with more details and maybe a log file set to debug mode.

@Selster that is strange, do you have write and read permission on this new folder?

  1. Reset all nodes
  2. save workflow (it allows now)
  3. close / exit from KNIME
  4. Restart KNIME

This worked for me, hope you’ll benefit as well.


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